EXCLUSIVE: Michael Kiwanuka And Tom Misch Get Their ‘70s Groove On For Disco-Soaked “Money”

As the sun beats mercilessly down upon us, it might be wise to slow down the tempo in our summer jams playlist by adding “Money”, a groove-filled, disco-soaked pop collab from Tom Misch and North London crooner Michael Kiwanuka. In a very ‘70s-style video from Louis Bhose, Misch and Kiwanuka cast aside their supermarket jobs—and Kiwanuka reveals himself to in fact be an undercover millionaire. Putting a dip in their hip and a glide in their slide, Kiwanuka unfurls his sweet falsetto tones over Misch’s funk guitars as the pair strut through the Madrid streets decked out in flairs, big collars and joyously over-the-top jewellery. Watch above.

Posted on July 05, 2019