Meron T And Darkness Combine For Funk-Infused Soul Cut “Love Your Life”

In the two years since her debut, “Love Your Life” with Sey G, South London soul singer Meron T has earned well-deserved praise for her disarming blend of neo-soul, jazz, bossa nova and R&B. Today, she’s back with something little different, linking up with producer Darkness (who many of you will know from his extensive grime instrumentals) for a bright and breezy jam with one foot in the club.

It feels like both artist and producer have brought each other out of their respective comfort zones, finding common ground in an unexpected arena. The track bumps along with a steady but relaxed club beat while cosmic synths swirl and twinkle around her mesmeric vocals.

Unexpected, for sure, but for those who know it’s a welcome reminder of how truly versatile these two sonic chameleons are. “Love Your Life” officially drops this Thursday, September 17. Listen exclusively below.

Words: James Keith

Posted on September 16, 2020