EXCLUSIVE: Melodically-Inclined Rapper Fonzie Makes It Look Effortless On “Not Right”

Alternative rapper Fonzie has returned, leveraging the success of breakout singles “Still Sippin” and “Pop Up”, to release his new cut “Not Right”.

Known for experimenting with left-leaning sounds, Fonzie’s tendency to fuse R&B with rap has found him a lot of fans among those looking for a smoother brand of rap and trap. The result is a laid-back, effortlessly likeable piece of rap with a melody-soaked hook and bags of charm.

The video follows our protagonist and his boys kicking back, cruising round town and generally not taking life too seriously. Both visually and sonically, it’s a refreshing break from bravado, but you’ll be left in doubt at all about Fonzie’s ability.

Posted on August 14, 2019