Lyrical Strally And Dakota Sixx Jump On A Bouncy Higgo Riddim For “Clouds”

Known for their experiments blending different strains of the UK underground, the 1Forty label is back with another hybrid compilation EP, this time fusing UK funky and garage. Ahead of the official release next Monday, they’ve just revealed “Clouds”, an ultra-bouncy team-up between Birmingham-born vocalist Dakota Sixx, YGG’s Lyrical Strally and Wang Records boss Higgo.

Kicking off with a bounce, Higgo puts the EP’s running theme front and centre with jumpy percussion and skittish pianos while Strally sprints back and forth across the beat with exactly the sort of charisma that we’ve come to know and love from the YGG camp. Switching things up with a breakdown, Dakota Sixx then comes in with a graceful vocal turn to temper the boisterous energy. Tying it all together, Higgo finds a colourful meeting point between dancefloor jumpiness and sweet garage melody.

“I heard the chorus on the track before any of my lyrics were written,” Strally told us via email. “From hearing it the writing process for this hit me straight away. The aspirations of a wavy yout from West London trying to achieve his dreams.”

Words: James Keith

Posted on September 16, 2020