EXCLUSIVE: London-Based R&B Singer Lyne Walks The Fine Line Between Love And Hate On “Together”

Since her first foray into music with 2017’s “Own Intuition”, 23-year old London-based singer Lyne has been making steady progress, cultivating a loyal fanbase and honing a sound with roots in R&B and the UK’s underground club sounds.

She’s now laying the groundwork for her upcoming debut EP Bipo Feels this Friday, April 24, and we’ve got the project’s lead single “Together”. Linking up once more with her brother and collaborator D.E.W.I, “Together” marries classic R&B hallmarks and fluttery vocals with a percussive, chrome-covered production style that has a futuristic R&G edge to it.

Thematically, the EP promises to be an expansive and compelling collection of tracks that explore the swirling vortex of negativity that can come from a toxic relationship, and how quickly things can turn sour.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the EP, Lyne says, “Writing this EP really helped me release some thoughts I feel like I couldn’t really open up about. Having doubts, and not being able to see clearly, while feeling different emotions at the same time, all caused by the same person, can be very frustrating. We say that there is a thin line between love and hate and I totally believe that. Intense love can seem so lasting and forever that it’s almost surrealistic when we realise how quickly it can turn into anger. I want this EP to be a message of support to anyone feeling that confusion about what their heart is saying, at times. You are not alone but keep praying and God will show you what you need to see.”

Bipo Feels drops April 24.

Posted on April 21, 2020