Hype Sessions: North London’s Reece West And Scunthorpe’s F.O.S Deliver Deadly Bars For ‘Lord Of The Mics 8’

Lord Of The Mics, the colossal grime platform founded and led by Jammer and Ratty, is making its return for a massive eighth season. Over the years there have been some monumental clashes and warm-up sessions that have changed the face of the grime scene in ways you couldn’t imagine. In fact, LOTM can trace its history before grime even had a name. Those iconic clashes are embedded into the minds of any true grime fan. Kano vs. Wiley, Skepta vs. Devilman, Footsie vs. Scratchy, P Money vs. Big H… and the eighth edition looks like it’ll be just as heated and just as game-changing.

Ahead of the official release, we’ve teamed up with the LOTM team to exclusively premiere the batch of Hype Sessions. If, somehow, you’re not entirely familiar with the institution that is the Lord Of The Mics warm-up sessions, each clash is preceded by a quick filmed freestyle of each MC, which basically gives them all an opportunity to rile up their opponents and stoke the flames of competition in the hopes their opponent will get too heated and make a mistake.

TRENCH will be premiering all eighteen Hype Sessions in the build-up to the full release of Lord Of The Mics 8. Today, we’re profiling North London’s Reece West and Scunthorpe emcee F.O.S.


Reece West

Born and raised in Alexandra Park in North London, Reece West has built himself a formidable reputation in the grime scene. Like F.O.S, West has reached these heights without a crew or any affiliations. His past clash credentials include memorable appearances at Red Bull’s Grime-A-Side as well as countless radio sets and clashes on Kiss FM, Rinse and Pyro Radio. Speaking with TRENCH via email, Reece West said: “I grew up as a kid watching all my favourite rappers participate in Lord Of The Mics, clashing, and now that I’m here―centre stage―it’s humbling to be a part of grime’s history books. The clash with F.O.S, it was a quick body bag! RIP F.O.S, and big up the LOTM family for an opportunity and platform to demonstrate levels.”



“Reece West is dead,” F.O.S tells TRENCH.

For the past five years, this MC has worked tirelessly in his corner of Yorkshire to earn his share of a spotlight that usually focuses on our capital. Incendiary bangers like “Pro” and the very wavey, Jazz E Man-produced “Anyone” show us an emcee capable of doing big things on the mic, regardless of setting. Now, having made a big impression with his appearances at the Words Are Weapons clashes, first against Kaycee from Coventry in 2014 and then Izzie Gibbs a few months later, F.O.S is making his debut appearance on Lord Of The Mics. Whatever happens, F.O.S is putting Yorkshire on the grime map.

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Posted on May 12, 2019