Newport’s Lemfreck Puts On For Wales With Bumpy Alt-Rap Cut “U Gd?”

There are so many facets to UK rap in 2020 and all of them are thriving. That is in no small down to the innovators, outliers and risk-takers — people like Newport’s Lemfreck, a rapper working independently with a vision that’s truly his own. Today, Lemfreck presents the self-produced, self-directed visuals for his new single “U Gd?”, a rallying response to anyone who might’ve overlooked Wales in the rap game. His sound, he tells us, was first sculpted in the church where his father was a pastor, driven forward by the absence of Welsh rappers in the scene. Moving and abstract in equal measure, the adventurous new video takes us on a tour of his hometown, illustrating each line shot by shot. Backed by an earworm guitar lick and a driving rhythm, Lemfreck leaves us with no doubt whatsoever that Wales has something to say.

Words: James Keith

Posted on August 13, 2020