EXCLUSIVE: Leicester-Born R&B Singer Lucy DK Deals With The Fallout Of An Absent Father With Help From Rapper Lackhoney On “Family Drama”

For the past four years, Leicester-born vocalist Lucy DK has been steadily building up her career, laying the foundations with an impressive run of singles. That hard work has taken her as far as Nashville, her frank storytelling striking a chord with blues fans of the American South.

Today, she’s unveiling the visuals for her latest single, “Family Drama” with Lackhoney, a Miami-born rapper who met Lucy in his current home of Nashville where the pair struck up a creative friendship that’s just yielded its first fruits.

Directed by Mariyam Shamshidova, the video shows Lucy and Lackhoney in what seems on first impressions to be the perfect family home, but as Lucy’s story unfolds, the cracks begin to show and the effects of her turbulent childhood continue to make themselves felt for years to come.

“When I wrote the song, I kind of felt like I was living two lives,” Lucy tells TRENCH. “One that was very lonely, and one that was full of people and things but still felt very empty. The video swings between trauma and facade, sisterhood and isolation. We were trying to get at those parallels. Like, how are you this party girl with all these numbers in your phone but you’re not telling anyone what you’re really going through? I was the silent child; sometimes that’s what happens when you don’t know how to voice your pain. But music was a way for me to voice it, and it still is. It’s the best way I know how to break my own silences—that and sisterhood. The heart of the video for me is sisters, the way we band together in the face of dark things. ‘Family Drama’ is kind of a telling title because, even in that, I’m trying to play it off like: ‘It’s not a big deal, just drama.’ But it was a big deal, and it still is.”

Watch and listen exclusively above.

Posted on November 22, 2019