EXCLUSIVE: Kamakaze Has A Moment Of Self-Reflection In “The Truth Of It / Way Down” Visuals

Since the release of his long-awaited mixtape, Wavey Shirt Wednesday 2, Kamakaze follows up with a visual treatment to closing track “Truth Of It / Way Down”.

Just like the heartfelt message to his daughter on “Aria” or the previously released “Sunrise In The East” with Jafro, this is one of the many tracks on the mixtape that offers a glance into Kamakaze’s personal life. “Truth Of It / Way Down” is another intimate moment that the rapper shares with us, reminding himself to maintain his focus and continue carving out his own lane in the rap game.

Over a laidback production by Lowfades, Kamakaze paints an elaborate picture of the journey of his career so far and the feeling of under-appreciation that sometimes looms when starting out. After his gripping opening verse, a light kick and snare begins as he gently sings the refrain, “I’m on my way down”.

The accompanying visuals open with a close-up shot of Kam delivering his bars before gradually zooming out to reveal a wider shot of him tending to his young daughter in a pushchair. Closing the video is an encouraging message from the Leicester rapper, dedicating the track to those who may feel that their art isn’t getting the attention it deserves—a welcome reminder that we are all worth it even on our worst days.

Check out the “Truth Of It / Way Down” visuals below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Lincoln Gore

Posted on August 04, 2021