Kadiata Calls On Shamiya Battles For Smooth, R&B-Leaning Summer Jam “Just Because”

Known for switching between high-energy rap and effortlessly smooth R&B, sometimes on the same track, you can never be 100% sure what Kadiata’s going to give you next. On his latest single, “Just Because”, you’re getting the latter and that’s thanks in no small part to Shamiya Battles’ disarmingly silky vocals on the hook. Produced by Flamin Beatz, it’s as laid-back and smooth as they come.

There’s also a few nods to the late ‘90s and early 2000s in there, from the gentle piano keys that flutter in and out of the mix to Kadiata’s references to Tamagotchis and even Shamiya’s rich R&B vocal style. But this is hardly a throwback; a shout-out from Robert Bruce on the radio and a slick-and-subtle visual treatment from director Ronita Awoonor-Gordon keep this firmly grounded in the now.

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Words: James Keith
Thumbnail photography: Alejandra Chaparro

Posted on July 21, 2022