EXCLUSIVE: K Dot, Trilla And Bomma B Call On Tez Kidd For VIP Version Of “Ya Fool”

Last year, the indestructible world of bassline got a brand new anthem when scene titans K Dot of Scumfam united with Trilla and Bomma B on a J69 production to create “Ya Fool”.

All four MCs are giants in the world of bassline, having first risen to prominence in the sound’s 2000s peak. The story goes that they reconnected on a 1Xtra bassline special and decided to make some music together. From that we got “As Per” (with AK, Asher and SG) and “Ya Fool”.

A stomping, turbo-charged floor-filler, the original version of “Ya Fool” was an overwhelming rush of adrenaline, but it balanced that with a return to the chirpy melodies and light-hearted bounce of bassline’s roots.

Somehow finding it within themselves to crank the energy that little bit higher, the trio of MCs have reunited for a VIP version and they’ve brought another legend with them—Tez Kidd. The result, if it even needed saying, is guaranteed to create a frenzy in clubs far beyond the confines of bassline’s usual Northern territory.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Laurence Ellis

Posted on April 22, 2021