Jung Mergs Works Through His Troubled Relationship With Weed On “Paranoia”

At this point in this hellish year, most of us are experiencing some level of anxiety. For some, self-medicating can bring some relief, but for others it only compounds the issue. While we’re not about to start lecturing people, Jung Mergs’ new video for “Paranoia” will hit you like a tonne of bricks if you fall into the latter camp.

The self-produced new single — which also comes with some suitably trippy, abstract visuals — follows Mergs as he takes a long hard look at the downsides of smoking and where it’s taken him in life. Over a searing, somewhat eerie beat, the ++ rapper opens a dialogue with his habit, admitting that he’s Stuck in cycles, ‘bout to drown, while trying to convince himself he can quit any time he likes.

This doesn’t by any means come from a place of judgement (far from it), instead think of it more as a sympathetic warning that while it may work for some, it can also have catastrophic effects and more importantly, it’s okay to admit that.

“Paranoia” drops June 26 via Plus TRBE Recordings.

Words: James Keith

Posted on June 24, 2020