EXCLUSIVE: Jelani Blackman Raises A Glass To His Enemies On Celebratory “Cheers”

Tomorrow, August 23, Jelani Blackman will officially release his new single “Cheers” and he’s just dropped off the track’s visuals.

Tapping into the slightly sombre vibe that he’s been exploring recently, “Cheers” supplements it with a soulful and surprisingly upbeat energy that turns a simple toast into a celebration of everything he appreciates — his friends, his family and the little things in life that put a smile on his face. And nothing puts a smile on his face like a casual, tongue-in-cheek rebuke to his enemies and everyone who wants to see him fail.

Speaking with TRENCH via email, Jelani told us: “I’m from the UK where we say ‘cheers’ for everything but probably don’t celebrate positive things enough. I wanted to chat about how I felt, for people and places and the things that made me who I am, even the bad stuff ‘cos the bad stuff is sometimes the best.”

Posted on August 22, 2019