0121 R&B Singer Jaydonclover Mourns A Devastating Breakup On “Pieces Of Me”

For the past couple of years, Birmingham-based R&B artist Jaydonclover has been putting out sumptuous, future-facing heartbreak jams that sound as if they came straight from deep space. Her latest, “Pieces Of Me”, might be the most potent yet, lacing woozy electronics with devastating lines about watching a bit of you die inside after a breakup.

If you’ve had to pick yourself up after a romantic gut-punch (who hasn’t?) this one will get very real. Plunging the listener into a the kind of distracted, dream-like state you often find yourself in at times like this, she worries at the fresh wounds left by a departed ex with sugary sweet vocals that drift across the slinky, entrancing electronics from producer dylantheinfamous.

Taken by themselves, the collage-style visuals might feel nostalgic, but when paired with her profound heartache they’re transformed into something tainted with a definite sadness — like wistfully looking through old photos or doom-scrolling through an ex’s socials.

Words: James Keith

Posted on November 06, 2020