NKC Connects With Kenyan Singer Janice Iche On Jazzy Club Number “How You Flow”

Bristol meets Mombasa as UK producer NKC connects with Kenyan singer Janice Iche for a transcontinental link-up on “How You Flow”.

NKC has been a lightning bolt of innovation in UK club music, widely held as one of the chief architects of the hard drum sound, his sound extends through UK funky and all sorts of other drum-heavy club sounds.

As is becoming increasingly the case with NKC’s productions, it’s a tough one to pin down to any one genre; there’s a bubbling garage lightness to it, but there are also echoes of funky and jazz swirling around in there too.

However, the main source of the track’s jazzy personality comes from Iche’s vocals which are simultaneously light and airy, yet sultry and seductive. And it’s those same vocals, singing in both English and Swahili, that ties the whole thing together into one cohesive whole.

“How You Flow” isn’t the only track they cooked up together. Since connecting via email and phone calls at the tail end of last year they’ve built a whole three-track EP together, also called How You Flow, officially landing tomorrow, March 11, via NKC’s Even The Strong label.

For now, tune into the new track below.

Words: James Keith

Posted on March 10, 2022