Iyamah Wonders If Her New Love Is A Poisoned Chalice On Coops-Assisted “More”

Emerging R&B talent Iyamah is being widely held up as the scene’s next exciting prospect — and rightly so. Born and raised in Brighton but now based in London, she cites neo-soul titans like Erykah Badu and Alicia Keys as two of her key inspirations and you can hear it in every note of her sweet and smoky delivery on new single “More”.

The new drop, which was assisted by High Focus Records signee Coops, follows a different path from past releases. Where those past singles have focused on dissecting her dual heritage, this time she finds herself falling headlong into a love that’s probably bad for her, but so completely intoxicating it’s hard to resist.

“‘More’ is a glimpse into that kind of love that we all fantasise over,” Iyamah explains. “Often the most addictive type of love is the most toxic and unhealthy kind. We’ve all been there, but is it really love that we want? Or is it more of a distraction… or an escape from our own reality?”

“More” officially drops tomorrow (March 5).

Words: James Keith
Photography: Christopher Cargill

Posted on March 04, 2021