EXCLUSIVE: Ila Brugal Reveals Brooding “TEN” From Debut EP On New Label Amygdala

Right at the top of this year, Rinse resident Ila Brugal launched her brand new label, Amygdala (taking its name from the bit of the brain that processes emotions), and now she’s about ready to drop off the first release, her new EP, TEN.

The new release contains two new tracks, “Airstrike”, and the title track. She lifted the lid on “Airstrike”, a lurching, late-night 140 rumbler with a sinister bite to it, and now she’s ready to reveal “TEN”.

A similarly dark track, “TEN” has a deep, throbbing low-end at its heart, pierced with crackling percussion and generally unsettling temperament. Like its counterpart, it’s also versatile and well-suited to a lot of settings—just as long as the speakers can hold up.

Tap into “TEN” below and make sure to cop the full release when it lands this Friday, March 8.

Words: James Keith
Image via Publicist

Posted on March 06, 2024