Bristol Producer Hella Teams Up With Logan For Grimey “Chattings”

For the last three years or so, Bristol DJ and producer Hella has been loudly and proudly been repping all things 140 BPM on behalf of his hometown. He’s become known for a particularly weighty take on grime and dubstep, not just in his local scene, but in the capital and beyond.

His latest creation is “Chattings”, a team-up with one of the freshest voices in grime today, Logan. It’s a deep and dubby instrumental from Hella who’s built the track around a throttling low end pulse. Making light work of it, Logan takes complete control with his commanding, patois-heavy flow as he lays waste to the chatty ones.

Ahead of the official release this Friday, May 28, hit play on the dramatic visuals from Oxford-based collective Deep Cover at the top and pre-order it here.

Words: James Keith
Thumbnail photography: Hollie Fernando

Posted on May 26, 2021