EXCLUSIVE: Harve And Fredwave Encourage Us To Uphold Our Self-Worth On Mellow R&B Cut “Streetlight”

Over a year since their last official release, “Sheets”, South East London’s Harve has returned with chart-conquerer Fredwave for their new single “Streetlight”.

A meditative blend of R&B, rap and electronics, Harve opens with an almost hymnal vocal turn before flawlessly harmonising with Fredwave over the elegant production from slowthai collaborator Kwes Darko.

Like much of Harve’s music, “Streetlight” was written as a form of therapy, mining their experiences as a queer person and everything that means to them. Ultimately, the message is an uplifting one as the pair extol the value of self-acceptance, encouraging the listener to push through and find inner peace, no matter the people around them might say or do.

Speaking on the track, Harve explained: “‘Streetlight’ is about taking a step back from love and see where you’ve been standing. I’d been at the beck and call of someone; I was there when they needed me, but they made it clear when they didn’t want me around. When lonely nights come around they knew who to call, but a love on the outside, in the daylight wasn’t a reality. Writing this is was me looking for a moment to breathe, a chance to feel without them, and a day where I wasn’t reminded of them.”

Fredwave added: “Harve sent me the demo and I loved it. I wasn’t working well in sessions at the time, so was worried it wouldn’t amount to anything. But after one voice note and quickly penning, the rest was history. Performing this live with Harve is one of my favourite songs to sing ever.”

Words: Jordan Lolomari
Photography: Netti Hurley

Posted on March 25, 2020