EXCLUSIVE: Hackney Rapper Frenzy Heads To The Club With Bright And Bouncy “Bro Code”

Hackney's Frenzy is back and he's brought with him the ideal summer banger.

After kicking off the year with the dark and stubborn "Caesar", with production from Nines collaborator Eyes, Frenzy then ignited hype for his upcoming project, Murder Mile, with booming Knucks and Sam Wise collab "Kisses". Now he's back with a very different vibe. Out goes the booming bass and in comes a bright and colourful instrumental from Hurricane. Over a sugary, club-focused production, Frenzola lays out the finer points of the "Bro Code", with tongue-in-cheek lines about giving no Fs and peng tings coming in threes.

With two very different tastes of the project already, Murder Mile should be high on your list of essential releases this year.

Posted on May 14, 2019