EXCLUSIVE: Filmmaker Shane Duncan Returns To Highlight The Importance Of Local Music Scenes With ‘This Is The Ends’

Throughout 2018, film and documentary maker Shane Duncan explored the ever-worsening tide of gentrification and its effects on the communities it sweeps through.

The trilogy of short films that came before—This Is Brixton, This Is Peckham and This Is Croydon—saw Duncan speak to residents of each area and discuss the dramatically shifting cultural and social make-up of the area. With contributions from Yinka Bokinni, Ibrahim Kamara, Plastician, G FrSH and other local residents, they explored the somewhat mixed results that come from gentrification. It’s a complex issue but the trilogy gave an honest, balanced and nuanced examination of it.

Now Duncan has followed the series up with a new edition that looks at what happens when festivals like The Ends are put on in areas like Croydon. Somewhat more hopeful than the preceding trilogy, This Is The Ends focuses on the importance of local music scenes and the role they play in keeping the spirit of a community alive. We get contributions from Damian Marley, De La Soul, IAMDDB, Plastician, Kenny Allstar and more as they talk about the lack of venues, the banning of genres like drill and bashment, and how The Ends helps to reverse that trend and give a huge platform to local talent.

“As far as myself making this film—from shooting, editing and reaching to all the participants to feature—I think it’s a great way to put This Is to bed. To hear and see the likes of Damian Marley and others acknowledge the culture and to see that it’s still possible for good things to not only come from South London, but Croydon, is defiantly a sign that more good things are likely to come from the areas going through regeneration.”

Posted on October 29, 2019