EXCLUSIVE: Expect The Unexpected From Captain Over And Manga Saint Hilare’s “Better With”

It’s been nearly a year since Leeds producer Captain Over gifted us his four-track collection of colourful grime productions, No One Ever Really Flies, but he’s finally back with a brand new single called “Better With” (out tomorrow via XVI Records).

Where the last EP’s centrepiece was headed by infamous outsider Trim, this time it’s the turn of another Roll Deep alumnus: Manga Saint Hilare. The vibe is of course completely different from “Sick”, but those ear-popping electronics are still front and centre. It’s by no means straight grime, though, with some skittish jazz drums and fuzzy funk electronics being added to the Captain’s already unpredictable palette. That concoction brings out something equally surprising from Manga as he delivers his loose, free-flowing bars and even some unexpectedly soulful singing.

Take it in below.

Posted on March 14, 2019