Enny Blends Conscious Rap And R&B To Examine The Modern Black Experience On “For South”

Earlier this year, South London’s Enny made her debut with “He’s Not Into You”, a soulful piece of timeless hip-hop laced with searing wit and a bone-dry sense of humour. Now working closely with The Silhouettes Project, a Hackney-based collective founded by Kosher and Eerf Evil, she’s now set to appear on the their debut, self-titled compilation.

Each Thursday, The Silhouettes Project will release a new single from the album—which also features Kofi Stone, Manik MC, Natty Wylah, Bel Cobain and more—before releasing the full thing later this year via Melting Pot Music. Enny’s contribution to the project is “For South”, a densely-packed examination of the Black experience in 2020 backed by a jazz-flecked, piano-led instrumental from Nix Northwest. Armed with a free-flowing, almost stream of consciousness delivery, Enny even incorporates touches of jazz and soul in this thoughtful and deeply affecting new track.

Enny may only be two songs deep into her career, but it’s clear that thanks to the combination of prodigious talent and the guidance of The Silhouettes Project, greatness surely awaits.

Words: James Keith

Posted on September 17, 2020