EXCLUSIVE: South East London Producer Emil Announces ‘Ambrosia’ With Heavenly Instrumental “RAB”

Mononymed producer and musician Emil may hail from South East London, but there’s an international scope in both his sound and approach. Today he announces the imminent arrival of his debut album, Ambrosia (dropping June 12), featuring influences and guest appearances from both sides of the Atlantic. The title, which literally means “food for the gods”, is a fitting one given that his productions are often ethereal, soothing and thoughtful all at once.

The announcement comes with the first instrumental, “RAB” (dropping June 4), a pensive combination of laid-back, rounded hip-hop beats and almost hymnal keys. It’s a stirring piece and hints at an album that’ll rouse the soul and wash away the stresses of the day.

Just as fitting as the title, the accompanying video is an understated affair, giving us a no-frills, monochrome shot of Emil at his keyboard, gently coaxing out the subtle melodies and letting his musicianship do all the talking.

In amongst the spacious, mind-expanding beats, the new project will also feature appearances from close friends and collaborators Michigan rapper Joose The Conqueror, East London singer-songwriter Ayeisha Raquel, and North London rhymer King Kay (whose recent single “Barry” featured Emil as producer).

Kick back and take it all in at the top.

Words: James Keith

Posted on May 28, 2020