Dexplicit Signals New ‘Digital Monk’ EP With Eerie New Production “Millennial Rhapsody”

This coming Monday (August 17), era-defining producer Dexplicit will release his brand new Digital Monk EP via E.M.M.A’s Pastel Prism label. Last week he lifted the lid on one of its singles, “Aerospace”, and now it’s the turn of second single “Millennial Rhapsody”. A more club-suited production than its predecessor, “Millennial Rhapsody” is a hard one to pin down. There are flashes of grime peppered through the track, but the synths are closer to something you might hear in the soundtrack to an ‘80s horror or even sci-fi film, all driven forward with a jumpy drum pattern and the kind of off-kilter energy that made Dexplicit such a one-off in the first place.

Listen exclusively below.

Words: James Keith

Posted on August 13, 2020