​EXCLUSIVE: Chimpo Shares “Charge It To The Game” From Upcoming Album ‘Don’t Worry About It’

Chimpo’s got a new album dropping very soon and to kick things off he’s sharing the lead single, “Charge It To The Game”.

He’s been a central figure in Manchester’s overlapping D&B and hip-hop scenes for years now, both as a solo MC/producer and as part of the expansive, multi-genre LEVELZ crew. Speaking of which, LVLZ fans will be pleased to see Skittles’ name on the tracklist as well as Ellen Beth Abdi, Darkside Mo, Ibekay, Kid Karthasis, Slay and Salo.

D&B and jungle are the project’s backbone, but there are also bits of soul, dub, reggae, hip-hop, and more stirred in too. As ever, he’s on mic duties as well as production, lacing the tracks with his trademark rap/D&B MC flow.

“Charge It To The Game” is another of the more melodic tunes on the album with a slow and low groove behind his talk of picking yourself up after a breakup and forcing yourself to learn from your mistakes and move on.

The single officially lands tomorrow, March 1, but you can listen to it exclusively below. Don’t Worry About It on March 15.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Jasmine Allcock Fox

Posted on February 29, 2024