EXCLUSIVE: Bristol Dubstep Pioneer Gemmy Shares “Na Tek Bak Chat” From New ‘Unruly’ EP

Alongside Joker and Guido, Gemmy is widely considered as one of the three leaders of the 'Purple' movement that grew out of Bristol in dubstep's glory years. He first began to carve out what has become a formidable reputation with his debut album, Bk 2 The Future, in 2008. Now he's back with a new three-track EP, Unruly, and he's returning to his own World Of Wonder label to do it.

Gemmy's dubstep heritage is still plain to hear, but this new trio of productions shows us a different side of Gemmy. Opener "Na Tek Bak Chat" is quite a minimal production but the chugging bass and smatterings of Purple psychedelia keep it rooted in the classic Gemmy sound while hinting at what's about to come. The rest of the release draws on elements of UK funky, grime and more, but you'll have to wait until August 3 to get the full taste. In the meantime, here's "Na Tek Bak Chat".

Posted on August 01, 2018