Boardgame James Blends ‘Final Fantasy VII’ Samples With Lurching Grime Rhythms For “Specialised Movers”

Enigmatic radio regular Boardgame James has been making some big moves lately. Known for his work pushing instrumental grime forward as a selector, this year has seen him further that campaign as a producer, teaming up with Goon Club Allstars mainstay Moleskin for Handsome Boys EP And The Award Goes To. Tomorrow (May 1), he’ll release his first solo EP on his recently-minted 1000 Doors label, Daydream. Fusing Eski clicks, ominous low-end, dramatic strings and some cleverly deployed Final Fantasy VII samples, this is instrumental grime at its very best.

While we wait for the official drop of the full release, whet your appetite with “Specialised Movers” and let all those layers of nostalgia flow through you.