EXCLUSIVE: Blu Ernest Shares Slow-Burning Winter Jam “Godspeeding” From New ‘Slow, Cold & Dark’ Project

Brighton-based musician Blu Ernest has recently undergone something of a cleansing process, at least in terms of his online presence. Now, with his Instagram stripped back to just two posts and an even sparser presence on Twitter and Facebook, he’s dropping his new single “Godspeeding” and its accompanying video.

The new single is the first of three — to be followed by subsequent drops, “The Chill” and “Night Shifts” — which will soon be collected into a compilation playlist called Slow, Cold & Dark. As with “Godspeeding”, each subsequent release will also get its own visual treatment.

That’s a little way down the line though, so for now dive into the stunningly intimate visuals for the first single below to see fleeting images of late nights and youthful freedom flicker past the eye between Blu’s understated and charming performance.

Words: James Keith
Photography: John Hears

Posted on January 10, 2020