BlackWolfOscar’s “Running With Scissors” Is A Haunting Look At The Realities Of Knife Crime

South London rapper BlackWolfOscar only emerged this year with bubbly party jam “Friday”, but in the space of just a handful of singles he’s already proving to be a formidable talent. That debut was soon followed up with the smooth and seductive “Bae” and then in August with “Bang My Line”, and now he’s back with his latest offering, the downright haunting “Running With Scissors”.

A thoughtful treatise on the ever-worsening perils of growing up in London, illustrated with some eye-opening stories of his own, “Running With Scissors” rounds out an eclectic showing this year. Where previous singles have been light, party-ready jams, this new one is quite a bit darker, making deft use of a chilling, almost hymnal instrumental (which we have ReaperOnBeats to thank for) as he urges the younger generation to be safe and do everything they can to “make it through the day”, as he puts it.

Although the visuals set the young Brixton rhymer in the pulpit of a church, “Running With Scissors” is far from preachy, instead offering empathy and compassion to those growing up in an increasingly hostile city. Closing with an impassioned speech from a pastor, the overarching takeaway is that building a hopeful future may be hard, but it is possible and absolutely worth fighting for.

Hit play at the top and then grab the single when it officially lands November 13.

Words: James Keith

Posted on November 06, 2020