It's about time we recognised the grimey originator himself, P Money, with a Deep Cuts rundown. Having risen up in what is widely considered the 'second wave' of grime, he originally cut his teeth alongside the core OGz team of Little Dee, Blacks and Jendor. It wasn't too long before he went solo and gifted us with a long list of grime anthems; "Slang Like This", "Originator", "Round The Clock" (actually, both of those whole EPs), "What Did He Say", and of course the Money Over Everyone albums.

One of the best P Money moments has got to be the Big H beef that started off on Twitter and spilled over into a Lord Of The Mics clash. The whole thing is best enjoyed with the full Twitter conversation to hand, and the Hype Session is still well worth a listen. That's another reason to love P Money: where some MCs fare better in the studio, some on radio and others in a live session, he thrives in all three environments. He's as comfortable on stage in front of a crowd of thousands as he is crafting songs with memorable hooks and era-defining quotables.

"What did he say?", for example, is as central to grime's history as "Wot Do U Call It?" or any of D Double E's ad-libs. Although we're focussing solely on his studio work in this feature, hopefully this gives you the essential rundown of the OGz MC and what he's all about.

This is P Money's Deep Cuts.

Photography: Vicky Grout

Posted on October 04, 2018