Apart from Dizzee and Wiley (and maybe Bashy), few in the grime scene have had careers quite like Kano's. Again, along with Dizzee and Wiley, Kano's life could not be better suited to a biopic——he grew up in East Ham, had brief stints with Chelsea, West Ham and Norwich in his early teens, switched to a music career, and by 17 he'd already recorded his debut solo single "Boys Love Girls" and set himself on the path to greatness.

That whirlwind tour of Kano's formative years doesn't even begin to cover his time in N.A.S.T.Y Crew alongside Marcus Nasty, Jammer, D Double E, Footsie, Ghetts, Stormin, Mak 10, Monkstar, Sharky Major, Armour and Hyper. Via the crew's regular Monday night slot on De Ja Vu FM, Kano was able to reach a large enough audience as a springboard for his solo career.

Then, across five albums and half a dozen mixtapes, Kano explored the full gamut of his sound—from straight 16 bar grime to hip-hop to R&G, and a whole slew of sounds besides. Between his extensive back catalogue and big name collabs with everyone from Gorillaz to The Streets, Kane Robinson has cemented his longevity through an almost chameleon-like versatility. Just listen for yourself in Kano's Deep Cuts below. (As always, we couldn't include everything, especially since tracks like "Layer Cake" aren't available on most streaming platforms).

Posted on February 26, 2018