We all love Giggs, obviously.

But how well do we really know Hollowman?

For those unaware, until very recently it was literally impossible for Giggs to get live bookings in the UK, primarily because of Form 696. When you consider how low music sales have been in recent years and how completely dependent today's musicians are on live shows, it's a testament to the rapper's perseverance and sheer force of will that he's still in the music game today.

The extremity of that situation did, however, give him more time to spend in the studio. Beginning with 2005's Bloody Raw and including four Best Ofs, Giggs has at least 16 mixtapes to his name, plus all his albums proper. Still, that era of the police calling up his labels and pressuring radio stations to ban his music is thankfully (mostly) over. Now he's releasing albums like Landlord and sending them straight to the top of the charts. Our American cousins are falling over themselves to pledge allegiance to Hollowman and he's even getting inner-city bookings now.

While our Deep Cuts can't be as comprehensive as we'd like, because not all the classic golden-era tracks are available to stream, consider this a primer to get you fully acquainted with his albums before you take an even deeper dive into his mixtapes.

Image: James Pearson-Howes

Posted on April 04, 2018