Lucozade Have Partnered With Apprentice Nation To Help Young People Unlock Their Potential

Words: James Keith

One of the core values held by Lucozade is the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to unlock their potential, capitalise on their ambition and realise that they also have what it takes to win.

So it’s no surprise that Lucozade have linked up with UK-wide youth development platform Apprentice Nation in a partnership designed to support them in their work in giving young people the skills and tools they need to find a career they can truly thrive in. Apprentice Nation’s aim is to offer young people early-careers support, guided workshops, and online content to help them break into their chosen field. Perhaps even more important to their mission is offering mentorship, to help young people unlock their potential by giving them opportunities that would otherwise be harder to find.

Apprentice Nation use a combination of entertainment and education, which they’ve dubbed “edutainment”, they have so far reached thousands of young people, using their unique approach to help young people find their confidence and make lasting changes in their lives. So far, 85% of Apprentice Nation participants to date have gained at least one new work-ready skill, and 75% reported an increase in confidence for themselves and their future.

Apprentice Nation will be welcoming back a live audience this autumn for their next gig and workshops. The content will also be featured online in the shape of webinars and on-demand content—featuring the likes of Ghetts, Ray BLK, Young T & Bugsey—all for free on their website and YouTube channel.

As part of this new partnership, Lucozade will be launching a new co-created education pillar to set young adults up for success, called Unlock Your Potential. This free-to-access content will help harness the power of self-belief and a growth mindset to inspire future leaders of tomorrow to act.

It’s not just about getting a job, either, as the content Apprentice Nation provides has been carefully designed to give young people the skills and tools they’ll need to build themselves up and advance in life, developing themselves as much as their careers.

Even better, now that the world is opening back up and face-to-face interaction is possible once again, Apprentice Nation can put on in-person Action Days, including one-to-one mentoring sessions with industry leaders, that will sit alongside the online, on-demand entertainment, training and personalised support accessed via their Training Hub.

For Lucozade, this way of thinking goes deeper than a partnership, building on the brand’s existing plans that include their ‘Growing For Good’ initiative, which aims to invest in communities as part of its Giving Back To Society values, as well as B Active, a peer-to-peer sports-for-development programme in association with Active Communities Network, which they’ve been running since 2018 in deprived communities in London, Manchester, Belfast, Hull and Newport.

It also echoes the spirit of Lucozade’s ongoing collaboration with boxing superstar Anthony Joshua who says his own boxing career might never have happened had it not been for the guidance of his older brother. That same mentorship that kept AJ hard at work in the gym is exactly the kind of thing Lucozade and Apprentice Nation are hoping to inspire and nurture.

As well as boosting young people’s sense of purpose, Lucozade and Apprentice Nation believe the initiative will give 16-24-year-olds the opportunity to build their confidence and deal with complex issues like grief and loneliness, as well as understanding topics such as wellbeing and emotional intelligence, making your CV represent yourselves, finding your purpose, digital skills employers value, and much more. Equipped with those tools, the younger generation will be set up to thrive and overcome these challenging times by unlocking a much brighter future.

The next Apprentice Nation gig premieres online on October 7 from 7pm. To find out more about the partnership, their courses and upcoming events, head to the Apprentice Nation website here.

Posted on September 22, 2021