Words: James Keith

Cotti aka Don Cotti aka The Myth 63 has evolved a lot as an artist over the past two decades. As a producer in the late 2000s through to the mid-2010s, his releases bridged the gap between reggae, dancehall and dubstep and found a particularly big audience in the States. As time progressed, his sound gathered a tougher, harder edge that attracted more and more new fans with each release, but they always retained that reggae and dancehall influence, however subtle.

More recently, Cotti has added mic man to his CV, donning the moniker The Myth 63. With the new name comes a dramatic shift in sound and a massive stack of new music. The first hint of this change came last year when he hit the ground running with a flurry of singles and EPs including Ride Or Die (a team-up with C.Z and frequent collaborator Wylah), Myths X Legends, Like Father Like Son (with Jamaican singer and musician Bowesi), and Libra Season. Clearly, he’s feeling reinvigorated. In the past few months, he’s released parts 1 and 2 of The Big Bro You Never Had, collecting together 33 tracks in total, all produced under his Cotti alias.

Now focusing exclusively on his new rap sound, the productions are almost unrecognisable from his roots, blending elements on trap and drill into the UK rap framework. Although his rap instrumentals aren’t as dubby, it’s clear his love of bass hasn’t diminished one bit.

Here are 20 reasons to love Don Cotti aka The Myth 63.

Posted on June 19, 2020