You'll Miss Taliwhoah When She Tells You To "Run Along"

You'll Miss Taliwhoah When She Tells You To "Run Along"

October 31, 2018

A sad fact of life is that at some point we'll all probably feel the crushing pain of someone screwing us over, betraying us or just generally letting us down. What's important is how we deal with it.

If you've recently found yourself in this position rising R&B and soul singer Taliwhoah's new single, "Run Along", might just have a solution: rub their noses in their mistake and remind them of what they're losing.

Deftly combining slow-burning soul with a fiery brand of R&B, "Run Along" and its video feature an empowered Taliwhoah turning that pain back on the person who hurt her. In it she uses the nostalgic feel of the track and the home video-style footage as a weapon to make it absolutely clear what they're losing in a punchy, "You blew it, now clear off" sort of way, dressing them down like a naughty child. Or, in her words, "run along, run along".


Words: James Keith