Swifta Beater Drops Hit-Laden Project 'Grime 2'

Swifta Beater Drops Hit-Laden Project 'Grime 2'

August 30, 2018

When you hear tracks like D Double E's "Shenanigans", Chip's "34 Shots" and Jme's "Man Don't Care" it may surprise you that there is one man that links those three together along with many others and that is the legendary producer that is Birmingham's Swifta Beater who drops the sequel to his 2015 project Grime, a compilation of some of his hardest productions over the last three years.

Featuring some of the best MCs the country has to offer, the impressive collection only serves to show what an iconic part the 0121 producer has played in the resurgence of grime, as well as emphasising just how lucky we are to have him. Having seen what he's done up until this point it must make grime fans' mouths water thinking about what hits he has in the stash or is working on at this precise moment, but until they're ready, sit back and enjoy his work thus far.

You can listen to the tape in full below.

Words: Aaron Bishop