SNE Opens Up About His Career Highs And Lows And The Future Of British R&B

SNE Opens Up About His Career Highs And Lows And The Future Of British R&B

July 24, 2018

One of the leading lights of UK R&B, SNE recently sat down with TRENCH journalist Aaron 'Myles B' Bishop for a brand new interview series called One2One.

SNE has always struck us as someone who keeps his cards close to his chest, but in this interview he got surprisingly candid as he discussed the aftermath of his 2016 tape Essence, gang violence and his encyclopaedic knowledge of R&B.

On the response to Essence: "In all honesty, I was happy with the response, but I wanted it to hit the masses. That's what disheartened me. I was thinking, 'This is going to do craziness!' Because 'Tiana Major' was doing so well, I didn't actually clock on that R&B doesn't really have a market in the UK. So when it actually came out, everyone was saying it was sick, but why wasn't it hitting the masses?"

On his first headline show: "It was everything I'd ever dreamed of."

On gang violence in London: "It wasn't like it is now where everyone's dying. When you're growing up and you're hearing this person got stabbed or that person got stabbed, it's crazy when you were in it. I'm actually quite lucky to have really good people around me that kept me away from that kind of stuff. You can easily get drawn in, no matter what, no matter who you are."

On balancing his different styles: "It's all about the balance. 100%. I find that hard [...] So what I've decided is I need to keep dipping in and out of pots and be seasonal with it, because in winter do your rap songs and then when it comes to summer you better have that summer banger ready."

Watch the full interview below.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Danny Wonders