SL Says A Lot With His Top-Tier Flow On "Nothing To Say"

SL Says A Lot With His Top-Tier Flow On "Nothing To Say"

September 24, 2018

You can't claim to be fan of UK rap and not have heard of SL. At just 17 years old, he's hit over 72 million streams on Spotify and YouTube, released bangers like "Tropical" and "Gentleman", and worked with legends such as Chip on "Genes", as well as appearing on Nines' acclaimed Crop Circle album. With all of this under his belt, he steps forward once more with new single "Nothing To Say".

Unsurprisingly, SL has quite a lot to say on the track, and this juxtaposition is a recurring theme as the mellow guitar loop is accompanied with hard bars about the streets, taking a man's girl, and having enemies within his own circle. He paints these pictures with a calm flow and imaginative wordplay, even giving a shoutout to none other than Charles Dickens.

Shot by Simon Aukes, this is yet another smash to add to SL's ever-growing collection, and as young as he is, it's fair to say he can go as far as he wants to in this game. Check out the visuals below.

Words: Aaron Bishop