Riz Ahmed Might Be About To Play Hamlet

Riz Ahmed Might Be About To Play Hamlet

October 17, 2017

If you're one of the lucky few to have not had Shakespeare ruined for you by incredibly dry English lessons at school, then you'll be excited to learn that Riz Ahmed— writer, director, actor, rapper, polymath — is currently in talks to star in a Netflix series about one of Shakespeare's most famous characters, Hamlet.

The show is currently being developed by Ahmed and his old friend and writer Mike Lesslie (MacbethAssassins Creed). According to a recent report in Deadline, the pair are "sealing the deal" with the streaming service and will hopefully begin production soon.

The new production promises to be a modern take on the classic play, which has inspired everything from Sons Of Anarchy to The Lion King over the years, and will be set in London against the backdrop of economic and political uncertainty and will follow "the intersecting themes of familial honor, moral duty and dynastic corruption". 

If you were unlucky enough to have this spoiled by a dull teacher at school, this is definitely worth a revisit with Riz Ahmed at the wheel.

Words: James Keith