Loyle Carner Gets Ready For Tour Life With Jordan Rakei On "Ottolenghi"

Loyle Carner Gets Ready For Tour Life With Jordan Rakei On "Ottolenghi"

October 15, 2018

Not many people could turn a conversation about a so-called "Bible" they were reading, which in fact turned out to be a cookbook entitled "Jerusalem", into a song—but that's exactly what Loyle Carner has managed to do with a little help from Jordan Rakei, who co-wrote, produced and features on the track "Ottolenghi", named after the famous chef Yotam Ottolenghi.

And it's a beautiful song too, as Loyle glides over the beat with a smooth flow before Jordan Rakei's soft, soulful vocals take over on the chorus. It's kept simple on the production side, with soft piano tones and drums adding character and charm but allowing the vocals to take centre stage.

The video is where things get more complicated though, with different scenes creatively put together in a way that will leave you scratching your head as to how they did it. Loyle's family play as train passengers, as it was with his family he had the conversation that inspired the song, but Loyle may want to keep his bags packed as he has announced a new tour: The Bricks And More Tour, which hits the UK and Ireland in spring 2019.

Words: Aaron Bishop