Louis VI Looks Inward On Debut Album Extract "Floatin'" With Jelani Blackman

Louis VI Looks Inward On Debut Album Extract "Floatin'" With Jelani Blackman

May 21, 2018

In just under a month (June 15), TRENCH favourite Louis VI will drop his keenly anticipated debut album Sugar Like Salt. To get us all nicely in the mood, he's just shared the visuals for "Floatin'" with Jelani Blackman.

Although it's still undeniably a Louis VI cut, it's a little more introverted than some of his jazzier cuts, but his free-flowing lyricism and nimble wordplay are as finely tuned as ever. With a simple one-shot video filmed in the bath to back it up, Louis VI tells the story of a gut-punching break-up.

"The song is about the painful side of love, that breakup," he explained. "There's so many issues, it's like you're 'Floatin' in this stormy sea trying to stay above the water, stop yourself from drowning in the pain. The turbid water is a metaphor for the the emotions and the mind going through all this while you're trying to hold it together. There's a lot of emotion when you lose a girl, there's anger there, but mixed and confused with lingering love, desire, revenge, jealousy, all of it. It's messy.

"The last shot in the video is like my final breath, maybe I didn't make it, I slipped under the surface, you see the last bubbles one from each eye and one from my mouth, maybe that's me drowning or maybe that's me letting go…"

Words: James Keith