Lady Leshurr Shows Us What "3AM In Brum" Looks Like

Lady Leshurr Shows Us What "3AM In Brum" Looks Like

October 29, 2018

Despite constantly touring the world and making a big impact on pretty much every continent on Earth, Lady Leshurr has never stopped repping the town that raised her: Birmingham. That appears to be more true than ever on her latest single, "3AM In Brum", a track that makes constant references to the city with a video that, of course, is shot there too.

As we follow Leshurr and her people around various Brum landmarks—including the all important Bull Ring—she spins a tale of what life is like in the city in the small hours of the morning while layering the wordplay and talking all kinds of trash about your appearance.

If you only became aware of Leshurr when she was dropping "Queen's Speech" videos, you'll be pleased to hear she's better than ever. If you're an OG fan, though, this (and "Black Panther" and "OMW", let's not forget) are exactly the kind of heat you'd expect.

Words: James Keith