Kyan Tries To Keep The "Neighbours" Out In His Dystopian Visuals

Kyan Tries To Keep The "Neighbours" Out In His Dystopian Visuals

February 27, 2019

Kyan boasts fans in some of the biggest names in music, including Nile Rodgers and Ebro Darden, but the Cambridge-born singer-songwriter and producer looks to gain fans on a wider scale with the release of his latest single, "Neighbours". The new video sees him exercise his soft yet soulful vocals, using the full scope of his range. Reaching out to past collaborator Ukweli Roach (who choreographed the video), the two managed to create a dystopian visual to match Kyan's own ideas for the song.

Describing the video, the director said: "The idea of creating a camp, a tribe, ruled by fear and media manipulation was key, and very timely. Using the amazing dancers of Birdgang Ltd (Dance Company) and the brilliant Colin Emerson behind the lens, I wanted to create movement that showed isolated desperation, depression and uncertainty, with a constant background of chaos and breakdown of society's rules, almost post-apocalyptic.

"Society's desire for guidance and a common enemy, would fuel the vigorous ritual of building the Television, so that scared and desperate people can get their 'fix'. This obviously has many parallels to what is happening nowadays especially with fear and hatred being manipulated by mainstream media."

Watch below.

Words: Aaron Bishop