JGrrey Is Proud Of Her Inner Child On "Growing", And You Should Be Too

JGrrey Is Proud Of Her Inner Child On "Growing", And You Should Be Too

April 13, 2018

Taxes, rent, bills, relationships... being an adult is pretty terrible. So let's be thankful for this ode to childhood from JGrrey.

Gliding across the graceful instrumental from producer Ed Thomas, the young singer thinks back to her childhood and the countless hours spent on hijinks without a single care in the world. 

Directed by Anna Radchenko, the heartwarming visual sees the young singer get back in touch with all the things that brought her joy as a child: having your hair done by a friend, tire swings, dolls houses, throwing popcorn in the cinema and generally living a stress-free life.

JGrrey explains: "The idea behind the video was initially to convey that everyone has an inner child no matter how much they may try to outgrow it. I find many people try to hide their inner child and I'm totally not that person. I'd like to think I'm best friends with my inner child and the video is meant to show this."

To be honest, if we could wish for one thing, just one, it would be to go back in time with JGrrey and relive our childhoods too. 

Words: James Keith