Jarreau Vandal Releases Eclectic Debut Mixtape 'Anthology'

Jarreau Vandal Releases Eclectic Debut Mixtape 'Anthology'

October 02, 2018

Jarreau Vandal has just released his thirteen-track debut Anthology mixtape, marking his biggest and most wide-ranging body of work thus far with influences including R&B, grime, dub and even some latin flair. He even lays down vocals on the project, highlighting just how ready and willing he was to push his sound further than he ever has before.

Departing from the usual bedroom production and sampling, on this project the Dutch producer mainly used live instruments, with the project as a whole piecing together the things that existing fans love about his music while adding things that show growth and hints of what could come moving forward.

Listen to Anthology below.

Words: Aaron Bishop