Jammz And P Jam Kick Off 2018 In "Style"

Jammz And P Jam Kick Off 2018 In "Style"

January 03, 2018

This is definitely a good sign.

I Am Grime badman Jammz recently linked up with legendary producer P Jam for a rolling, lyrically dense workout to remind us just how unstoppable they both are. While we could listen to Jammz spray over his own productions all week, linking up with P Jam has brought something intense out of Jammz that we want to see even more of this year.

Over the rolling, jungle-tinged production, Jammz goes even deeper than he has before with a breathless, head-spinning series of bars as he airs his frustration with the superficial side of the industry and a general lack of effort from some of his rivals.

Take a listen below and keep an eye out for P Jam's collaborative EP with Trends on Hardrive Records.

Words: James Keith