HERITAGE: There’s No Set Like A DJ EZ Set (2005)

HERITAGE: There’s No Set Like A DJ EZ Set (2005)

January 04, 2019

UK garage and bassline legend DJ EZ has been an integral part of UK rave since the early '90s, both on radio and in raves.

He's responsible for a lot of bass music's history over the years - recording a 24-hour set for charity, the essential Pure Garage comps, his KISS FM shows, Club Z, his numerous productions and, of course, that iconic Boiler Room set. In short, if garage and bassline somehow existed without him, they would be unrecognisable.

Here he is back in 2005, DJing at the Brunel Rooms, Swindon with Faction G and B-Live on the Club Sidewinder UK Garage Club Tour. Mixed in with shots of his breakneck mixing and turntablism you can also watch DJ EZ answering questions about his career, other selectors he rates and the Pure Garage CDs.