HERITAGE: Skepta And Wiley Foreshadow Their Current War With A Prequel Beef (2009)

HERITAGE: Skepta And Wiley Foreshadow Their Current War With A Prequel Beef (2009)

October 18, 2018

As most of us saw recently, Wiley has taken to social media once again to launch into a tirade. His targets? Dizzee and Skepta.

The former's not too surprising—they've been trading barbs for the last 15 years now—but the tension between Wiley and Skepta is a new development (at least publicly; it's allegedly been stewing behind the scenes for some time). It seems to have mostly arisen from Skepta collaborating with Dizzee, something Wiley seems to have taken as a betrayal.

In the video, Wiley levels a number of shocking accusations at Skepta's door, not least that he stole the Boy Better Know slogan from Big H. From there, he refers to Skepta as "Big H's DJ" and says "you thought you was the hardest ice cube in a tray full of ice cubes, you’re the weakest link."

There's a whole lot more to it than that (here's a useful thread to get you caught up), but in the meantime, let's revisit the year 2009 when Skepta and Wiley went at it the first time round.

In this freestyle, Skepta responds to Wiley's claim that Skepta's "just a king when you roll through Barnet". Framed around Blur's "Country House", Joseph Jr. question's Wiley's credentials and mocks him for staying in his very big house in the country instead of Bow (or Tottenham, for that matter).

This beef was a pre-planned war to promote Microphone Champion and Race Against Time. Sadly, the same doesn't appear to be true for this year's war.