HERITAGE: Ghetts Clashes Bashy And Asks That (In)Famous Question "Where's Carlos?" (2006)

HERITAGE: Ghetts Clashes Bashy And Asks That (In)Famous Question "Where's Carlos?" (2006)

February 12, 2018

There have been a lot of famous grime clashes. There are those where two titans clashed, never to do so again. There are those that spark instant quotables or unforgettable punchlines. And then there are those that go down on history for sparking more folklore, rumour and fan theories than any Game Of Thrones episode.

One clash that falls into possibly all three categories is the infamous war between Bashy and Ghetts. After the former makes an accusation against Ghetts' reputation in prison, the clash quickly falls apart. Bashy and a few others try to calm the situation by saying "It's just lyrics," but Ghetts has none of it. First he demands Stannaman comes to corroborate Ghetto's side of the story before calling for someone called Carlos present himself to set the record straight. Carlos never appeared, but the tale doesn't end there.

In the many years that have passed since then, endless webspace has been occupied by online sleuths trying to hunt down the mysterious Carlos. In interviews since then, Ghetts has said that Carlos is someone he met during his time in jail in 2003. There's been lots of back and forth online with every theory dividing fans and no real conclusion, but you can read a pretty thorough investigation here.

Anyway, scroll down to watch one of grime's most famous clashes of all time. Skip to 1:08 for the big question.